Friday, 22 February 2008

busy , busy , busy !!

yep im busy
busy trying to catch up with all the things i should have done this week ??
busy trying to get some housework done ??

but mainly busy sewing !!
I know i have a thing about dotty/spotty fabric
but im also really drawn to black white and red at the moment

next on my list is some purses in the same colour scheme !!

I dont know about you but i seem to spend my evenings wishing i had got more things done ??

Is it because im 40 this year ?
Maybe its the need to get this little business of mine doing better
who knows !!

Anyway as usual i have a big list for this weekend
mainly those things i didnt get done this week

I have found some lovely new blogs this week more about them over the weekend
Oh and if your feeling like a little retail therapy
i have been filling up the old ebay shop !!

Happy weekend and i hope you enjoy the last few days of half-term
Sara x

1 comment:

mollycupcakes said...

Sounds like you've got a busy weekend ahead of you.
I'll get my oldest to have a look at your ebay stuff, she really likes black, white and red. Your a hip Mum, very in with it lol is what she'll say about you.

Enjoy your weekend, don't forget a bit of you time too.


Catherine x