Wednesday, 27 February 2008

5 to go .....

only 5 posts to go before i reach the 200 mark !!!

This is a NEW oilcloth purse i have made today it was fun to make , my other machine just hated sewing oilcloth but good old Mr Jones loves it !!!

This is also a new bag with a bit more of a grown up design and is a new line for my website

I have decided to fill my website up with more one-offs and keep my ebay shop for my bread and butter items !!!

I have had a brilliant day sale wise and my fave flower corsages are selling like hot cakes
I do have an idea for a new style but just dont seem to have the time to try it out .

Im having a couple of days out with my poor down trodden Chrissy
he has put up with my narky moods over the past few weeks
what with Dads aniversary and a flaming cold oh and my usual mid monthly problems !!
So any way i will still be blogging and im going to use some of the time to track down some great gifts for my super duper giveaway !!


Lesley said...

I love that little bag and the oilcloth purse. I tried oilcloth once and my old machine hated it!!

Enjoy your break and I hope you come back feeling refreshed and relaxed :)

Thimbleanna said...

Very nice goodies Sarah! Love the oilcloth and the little flower. The title of your earthquake post cracked me up!

mollycupcakes said...

Well done with the Ebay sale.
I'm not surprised the crosages went well they are just lovely.
Good luck with the website, looking forward to seeing it.
Have a nice time off with Chrissy. All work and no play isn't good.


Catherine x

Pipany said...

Love that gorgeous orangey bag - just beautiful. Glad the sales are going so well and can't say I'm surprised xx