Thursday, 24 January 2008

Meet Fred ...

the scotty dog !!

he is the little tiny brother of the pink and white doggy i made ages ago !!

he is a tidgy 6 cms tall and 7.5 cms from nose to tail .... cute eh !!

The pin tin came from our local church shop ,
i think i paid 50p for it and it was full of needles as well !!!

Update ..... Fred has a new friend hes called Burt please dont ask me why ??
He is just like Fred ,
they could be from the same litter (sorry ive been on the wine gums )
anyway back to the plot ....
im thinking of putting them both on Etsy
with a couple more girly wirly dogs ive made !!

So please check back soon for a doggy update

Sara x


Lucy Locket-Pocket said...

He's cute! And so is the pin-tin!!!

mollycupcakes said...

Hello Fred your very cute.
Are you house trained? lol
I fotgot to say I'm looking forward to my little packet and will in return sort out some goodies for you honey.
Please email me your address again.
Catherine x

Clare said...

So cute! I noticed the pin tin as well because my Mum has some of that design particular design in her sewing box!

Lucy Bloom said...

What a sweet pup! I used to have a pin tin like that when I was small, wish I'd held onto it!
Lucy x

Katy said...

I'VE GOT THAT PIN TIN!!! Oooh, I got a bit excited then, didn't I?! Fred is lovely, if he poos is it tiny tiny little mouse sized poo?

Annie's Abode said...

He's a real sweetie!

Deb said...

He is adorable! lOve the pin tin, what a bargain find!