Monday, 21 January 2008

Inspirational space ...

i have been enjoying the past few days just chilling out and doing a little hand sewing !!
It was such a change from our hectic weekends , kids , shopping and the like !!

I have also been going through some of the masses of stock
i have and all those things i made as possible add on sales for fairs !!

These cookies were something i made for the fairs to go with the cupcakes i love making .
I got the idea from one of my Japanese craft books , these are soooo good when your after a little inspiration ?
I have tried to make them a little different but hey there cookies how different can you make them ???

I do love playing with felt its so easy to sew
and the results can be great !!

Any way im supposed to be doing housework and paperwork this morning and then maybe a little more sewing !!

Sara x

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Clang Clang said...

You know when you are trying to be healthy... and everything reminds you of yummy food... felt cookies are just too mean! Ooooh, or perhaps just the perfect substitute. Love 'em!