Sunday, 27 January 2008

few photos , few words !!

A new more grown up bag design - a mix of practical and pretty ?
this is a design i worked on before Christmas and i am now finally happy with it ... at last !!

and then theres this little pile of inspiration

inspired by a little person - i have made some sweets
in pretty pastel felts and some of my fave fabrics !!

Another new bag

i like this

it is another one - off bag
Supposed to be either for my Website , Cornwall
as i have started selling on etsy again it could go there !

Etsy has always been a bit hit and miss ... im a bit of an instant girl
i love getting that sale and to have something tied up for weeks can sometimes put me off
listing my things .... but as this year is a grab it by the wotsits year
I thought i would give it another go !!

Heres another one of Fred

He will be up for sale soon i just forgot to charge the camera batteries ;0)

Ok so i said it would be a few words and its turned into a lot of words

I also need some help in my next post
i made some angels xmas 06
and i have removed the wings and done them as dolls in the summer
but they need a bit of a new look
im thinking a new face but not felt
they usually have string arms at xmas and padded arms in the summer
i just need a little advice !!


mollycupcakes said...

Love your pile of fabric, such pretty bright pinks my fav.
I think maybe you could give the doll a bunny or flower outfit for Easter.

Catherine x

Andrea said...

I LOVE the 1st bag at the top of your post...its Beautiful, the one that I bought from you last year is still going really strong and I often get comments about it!! Well done you!