Sunday, 6 January 2008

Back 2 school !!

Back to early mornings
tantrums and tears ... ok so their usually mine
packed lunch dramas
missing homework
mouldy sports bags ... dont ask im still traumatised !!

no more sitting up sewing till 2am eating chocolate and chatting to my man !!

oh well back to getting dressed ...
this will please any poor bod that delivers anything to our house :0)

on the plus side i can sit and sew all day with no-one asking for food or to be entertained
I can finally get some orders finished and sent out !!

Hooray for back 2 school

but secretly i will miss the giggles , cuddles and funny things they say and do
having my girlies helping me with sewing and the boys finding things i have put down somewhere safe !!!
So how long is it till half term ??

Sara and the back to schoolies !


Vanessa said...

Stop blogging every day, you said you were not going to do it over the weekend!

I hope all goes well tomorrow, I hope you have the right day!!!!!!

Katy said...

only 4 weeks til our half term, and then another 3.5 weeks after that until Easter. I'm sure kids go to school less than we did in our day, ha ha!!!
I am soooooooo jealous you live near the Fent shop, I really need to go again soon, after my fabric ban has been lifted (only this month to go....4 weeks, phew!)

Garden girl said...

I have been informed by my boss that it is 5 weeks until his kids have half term. Which is 840 hours. Hmm. I don't think he is looking forward to it, somehow....great blog!