Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Another day ..

There are just rushing by !!
Is it a sign im getting older ??

So just to say i have listed some more things on etsy
thats about all ive manged to do today !!

Another day wasted really ,
i should be getting things ticked of my lists ... yes i still have lots
of lists . Im sure its just the last of the January blues and the fact its cold and wet here this afternoon .
I have big targets for this year at home as well as with the business .
I am also planning to do a few more courses just to keep up to date with new ideas on learning !!
For sometime i have really wanted to do a soft furnishings course so thats another thing to add to the ever growing list !!


mollycupcakes said...

Good luck hun with the lists and courses.
The etsy shop looks great

Catherine x

Andrea said...

Stop showing me that bag...I will have to make a purchase in a minute!!!!