Thursday, 6 December 2007

website update !!!

Finally managed to update my website
i still have loads of photos to take and some more things to add to it !!

I treated myself yesterday and when it arrives i will tell you more ??

Im starting to get more organised with my sewing i have a few more big orders to get sent out
which will happen next week and then its lots of small orders and family and friends gifts !!

Himself and me are off out on Saturday night ... it will be our first night out in over a year !!
We enjoy going out but the nightlife is limited here in the glorious Peak District ;0)
Im also hoping to get to ikea tomorrow for some decent storage for some of my massive fabric stash .
This afternoon im in school for the first time in ages ... i love going in to help with the craft lessons but just havent had the time this term !!
So im off to get a bit more sewing done before its time to go i will take some photos soon
well as soon as we get some flipping daylight its so wet , windy and dark here !

Sara x

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