Saturday, 17 November 2007

weekend at last ...

im so glad its Saturday !!!

I managed to survive this weeks swimming ,
in fact it all went swimmingly (sorry i just had to !!).
But last night i was sooo tired i just did a bit of sewing and then had an early night .
I do wonder what happened to the party girl i used to be !!!

Dont get me wrong i do love a good night out its just i havent had one since Chrissy and me had a wonderful weekend away in Cornwall a few years ago and now nothing can match that !!!
Its all to do with my love of dance music , i mean proper dance music not the stuff you hear coming from the cars of boy racers ..... ive done the Ibiza and Majorca thing it was great but then the music was soooo much better then !!
oh my do i sound like my Dad ??
anyway back to todays plan of action
  1. food shopping
  2. washing... arghhhh = done
  3. tidying the house .... double arghhhh !!
  4. Go buy some more ribbon for kids pinnies oh and more felt = done
  5. get the bathroom ready for painting
  6. take doors of the kids rooms
  7. sit down and chillout for five minutes = ok how ever long it took to watch time team as im doing a storysack on the Victorians !!!
  8. sew some more stuff ... yay = more cupcakes and new keyrings done and tons of cutting out done :0)
  9. take photos of the giveaway before the light goes !!
  10. Go buy a new kettle and toaster = done
so thats my day today
Whats everybody else upto with only a few weeks to go before xmas ??

Im also going to start thinking about what gifts i have to make ... i have been loooking in my Japanese craft books and there are lots of sweet (literally) things i plan to make including some cookie bunting for my niece and a little fur rabbit for Kittys best friend oh look thats the start of another list ;0)

Anyway cannot sit here chatting things to do !!!
Hope you all have a great day
see ya later !!

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