Tuesday, 20 November 2007

going out for red paint !!!

To paint a flipping big cross on my front door
this house is so un-healthy at the moment

Yes you have guessed it i have another poorly child !!

I have a poorly boy as well today ... he is sooo tired and worn out !!

anyway in case you missed it im giving these away to celebrate my 100th post
you have a few days left so come were ever you are leave me a comment !!

Have a very large list of work to do so ... off to the sewing machine i go !!

I nearly broke into song then but thought i may scare you all off
Can you tell im lacking sleep ;0)

Sara x


Picture it in Stitches said...

Oh no - you poor things. I know just how everyone is feeling - that bug is just horrible. Hope everyone's feeling better soon and you don't get it !! Sarah x

Cathy said...

You poor thing - there is so much sickness around at the moment. Hope you all manage to shake it off soon. Good luck with the sewing.
Cathy XX

Katy said...

My house is full of plague too. I'm tired of it now!!!! :)