Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Days go by ...

so fast !!
I feel panic setting in i wish i was sat on a beach somewhere ,anywhere !!
But no im sitting at either my sewing machine or the putor and if im lucky i get a trip to the post office .... thrilling eh !!!

I have had another sickly child at home today i think we may need another trip to the doctors again to check out his iron levels .... poor sole he comes from a family of anaemic women !!

So this is my tea break a boost bar and a cup of green tea with jasmine ...perfect !!
I cannot chat for long or i will get nagged to get back to work ;0)

i will pop a photo or two on tomorrow when a get back from a quick trip to get some supplies
and then its sewing all the way till its done !!

Bye for now .... Sara x

1 comment:

Katy said...

Oh my God, you'll be at the same shop too, how spooky!!! If you see a very giddy, quite tall southerner wearing glasses and with short dark hair...it's me!!!! So say hello! :)
Have fun, and don't buy everything, please!