Sunday, 7 October 2007

Sorry for the silence

after i said the other day that i wanted to post more often , everything went pear shaped !!

Friday got the kids off to school and myself ready for a little retail therapy
when the phone rings its my friend from school the swimming teacher , Kitty had fallen over in some dog stuff ... urgh !!
So i went off to school with a change of clothes etc . Poor little Kitty was not happy at all but her lovely Teacher and one of my friends had cleaned her up .. thank you !!
I popped of to the local church shop and found some buttons
after a lovely chat with the ladies in there i decided to go home and sew until my time to go swimming !! i managed to get some cutting out done , a few photos taken and the tiniest bit of sewing done .then its was off to swimming , i love my little swimming assistant job !!
So when i got away early i thought hey maybe todays not to bad , oh how wrong was i !!

I meet Shezzie and Kitty at the end of the road from school and this time was met by Kitty with a hugely swollen badly grazed knee really wasnt her day !!
So since then i have not left the house and have had to pander to poor Kitty's every need
And as people who know will tell you she can be very needy !!!



Cathy said...

You poor thing (and poor Kitty). It's funny how these things happen together (funny strange, not funny ha ha). Hope the week ahead is better for you.
Cathy X

Vanessa said...

Well the only way is up!

My god the day got worse, how could it!

Vanessa x

Katy said...

I remember doing a cartwheel at school once...right into some dog poo. Yuk!!! So I really feel for poor Kitty!!

mollycupcakes said...

Oh poor Kitty, what a very bad day she had. But I'm sure after some much needed TLC from her Mummy, she was all fine.
Hope the rest of the week is better for you both.


Catherine x