Monday, 22 October 2007

so far so good ....

The fabric is now on my other blog

ive had a busy day so far i started off with a little tidying up ....
no not housework
ive sorted out my box i take to fairs , my packaging box and my stock box !!
Then i finished this little bag which will be going in my ebay shop and on the website in lots of nice colors .....

then i cut out some more of these ....

which eventually turn into these

which will become fabric brooches tonight !!!!
and here as promised is the start of my fabric clearout

a piece of lovely red felt
( the pink marks are bits of felt i was cutting out ... it gets everywhere )
size ...

next is this super stripey fabric , its a lightweight linen type fabric !!

a great piece of flowery cotton fabric which would make great lavender bags

pretty tiny roses (will try a better photo .. soon )
this is perfect for kiddies clothes too ...

this is the same fabric as the one before but in a different pattern ...
it too has a very pretty flowery pattern .

i have lots more fabrics yet to be sorted out and more pictures
to take but i have a poorly little Kitty .... just in time for half - term !!!!

Update on the poorly Kitty .... shes feeling slightly better since she just threw up all over my leather sofa !!!

Sara x


Vanessa said...

I hope the day ended up as productive as the start!

Poor little Kitty, How's the sofa (I know how you feel about it!)

Vanessa x

Cathy said...

You have had a busy day. I hope Kitty is feeling better for getting it all out of her system! Lovely fabrics, and I love your bag and flower brooches.
Cathy XX

Clang Clang said...

Oooh - that flowery print would look mighty nice on one of my dollies - size and price please and I might just snap it up!


Angela-Brambleberries said...

ooh, I like that bag too!! can't wait for my bits to arrive...

Hope the little one is feeling better, mind you it's a great excuse to down tools and curl up on the sofa for a little cuddle!

Angela xx

Hollabee said...

I love your fabric brooches, great colours!

mollycupcakes said...

Poor little Kitty, I hope she's well soon.
Funny how they always feel better after being sick. They just seem to bounce back.
Lovely fabrics honey.

Take care.
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

I love those little flowers!! They're so sweet and cheerful!
I hope your poor Kitty is feeling better!

saraeden said...

Thank you everyone for the Kitty wishes she is feeling much better , she spent yesterday bouncing on the beds and annoying her brothers so its business as usual !!!

Sara & Kitty x