Monday, 15 October 2007

my friend Vanessa

and i met up at last !!
We have been chatting on the phone since June , we had never met but yet have become really good friends !!
We met because of my bags in a roundabout way ...
oh and because of Toniann !!!

Anyway we finally got to meet up last thursday , we had a great time chatting and shopping !! We had lunch and looked at craft books we chatted some more .

I would love to show you photos but we were that busy chatting i forgot to take any !!

Im so glad that we finally got to meet up and hopefully we will have loads more days out shopping and talking in the future ... its nice to have a friend that can spend ages talking about fabric and the likes oh and someone brave enough to help me find a new winter coat ;0)

So thanks Vanessa for a lovely day out x x

P.S. im having soo much fun with all my new fabric .


Cathy said...

Glad you had such a lovely time together. Please show us some pics of your new fabrics - I'm always keen to see what's around.
Cathy X

Anonymous said...

that sounds splendido!