Friday, 28 September 2007

feelin good !!

I havent been out much lately , just been to busy .
The website seemed to be coming along nicely all i had to do was the photos and fill up the shop , sorry did i say all .... well if the sun ever shines again here i will take some new photos !!
This morning i got on the little local bus which takes you into Buxton in no time at all and has to be one of the nicest bus journeys you can take with views of the Goyt Valley . I did a little shopping , went to see my darling eldest son at work and popped into the great little craft shop called
rucrafty 2 .
I had a lovely chat about blogging and my new website , the lovely lady that owns the shop seemed really interested in blogging so i promised to pop back in with some info for her .
Then i just had to go see my friend who owns Millie the Moose , we had a great catch up and i got to show her some of my new products , which she loved ..... that women has great taste even if i do say so myself !!


I have some great news today , something that i have been working on for a few months has finally started to fall into place ... yay ... yippeee ... can you tell im happy ?

so Charlotte if you get chance to read this THANK YOU !!!!
anyway all things cannot go well and after a little bit of a blip in my day
im off to bed early as i hurt my nose this afternoon and mardyness has set in
so i bid you a good night x x x x

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