Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Arghhhhh .....

i must of looked at a million other peoples websites
  1. to see what they have
  2. to see how many pages they have
  3. just to get any ideas
so after all that and having no power this morning , i think im starting to see daylight !!
i have done a bit of housework and some hand sewing this morning !!
how difficult is it to do stuff with no kettle sorry i mean no electricity ??
i now just need to take some new photos and then get the shop filled up a bit more ....
there are only two things in there so far !!!
for any of you that got a sneaky peak yesterday , it will be happening again tonight so if you catch a glimpse ......... let me know what you think so far .... please ???

anyway back to the grindstone
back soon
Sara x

from the hands of kitty eden

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pink-petal-designs said...

Hi Sara, Good luck with your new web site, hope it does really well for you !!
Sarah xx