Friday, 31 August 2007

oh yes !!

we have just booked our holiday for next summer
we always go to Crantock Beach holiday park
so just for a change were off to

Holywell Bay holiday park !!
if you know the area its not a million miles apart but hey its a change

i shall put up a link to some of the great places to go in Cornwall

this holiday is special to us as it will hopefully be our last holiday to Cornwall !!

anyway back to Kittys birthday !!

see ya soon ... Sara x


Kat-in-a-flap. said...

Hi Sara,wow you have been busy,I love the little yellow kitty,hope I can buy one of those too.
Happy birthday to Kitty I hope she had a wonderful day.I have tagged you hun,visit my blog to find out more.
Kat x

Alison said...

hi Sara,
Thank you for the lovely comments that you left on my blog. It was so kind of you.
I noticed that you sell your lovely items through the House Of Bartlett
in St Ives. I always make a special visit there when I am in Cornwall:-) (usually once or twice a year!!!)
Take care,
Alison x