Sunday, 19 August 2007

lazy weekend ...

the weathers terrible ... its cold -ish wet and it makes me miserable
i crave sunshine ..... so heres my fave place

this was taken last year on my birthday , it was a lovely morning
on The Lizard in Cornwall ,
the little beach was so quiet just us and a lovely lady and her dog !!

it was the best birthday pressie i have ever had .. ever !!!

i took this wonderful photo below and then we went to watch the seals !

this is photo was taken in St Ives the year before
the light there is amazing .. you really can see why its a haven for artists

and then back to reality with a new bag ive listed on ebay
with all the little purses ive made .

and this has been sat at the top of my fabric pile for a couple of days
mmmmm what to do with it !!!

well as ive had a few inquiries for some more bunnies its back to work

so i hope that the weathers better were ever you are and enjoy the rest of your weekend

Sara x


Picture it in Stitches said...

Oh dear - I think you're getting more and more obsessed with Cornwall !! Can't say I blame you though ! Sarah x

kat-out-of-the-bag said...

ooooh Sarah love the green fabric,looks like Cath Kidston,looking forward to seeing the bunnies,and I would up sticks and move to Cornwall tomorrow,
Kat xx

maramcp said...

Hello Sarah, I have enjoyed my first visit to your blog. Loved the pictures of Corwall. Took my neice there at Whitsun and taught her to knit whilst we were there!