Tuesday, 7 August 2007

happy birthday boys..

my twin boys are 9 today so
happy birthday
boys x x x
we love ya loads and loads
ive been tagged 3 times yes 3 and its been on my must do list
so here are 8 things about me
  1. my first proper job was working as a groom on a showjumping yard , i got to travel loads and ride some great horses ... thanks P & M ..
  2. i have met lots of famous riders in the above job !!
  3. i once went for a job at a racing yard and was told i was tooo qualified !!
  4. i love walking up mountains but dont like heights ??
  5. i have recently re-trained as a teaching assistant .
  6. i help teach swimming but cannot swim that well !!
  7. i was in the brownies when i was little and i loved it so much i didnt want to leave
  8. i have been married and divorced .

so there you go the first 8 only 16 more to go !!!

im soooo near the 50th post mark so i shall be puttin a photo of my little giveaway here in a bit!yes ive made it already so depending on the post you should get it soon

im also working on my PIFs too and gettin lots of other WIPs finished !!yes you are in the right place it is me :0)

just wish i was in Newquay at Fistral beach in the surf with the boys they love body boarding that would be their perfect birthday pressie ... next year hey ... fingers crossed !!


sarah said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! hope you and the boys have a great day.
Sarah x

Picture it in Stitches said...

Happy Birthday Boys !!! Sarah x

Vanessa said...

I hope the boys have had a good day!

I liked Brownies too, the only problem was that my hat got mixed up with another girl and I got NITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guides was not the same, I packed it in after 3 months.


kat-out-of-the-bag said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog,I have sooooo much trouble loading the photos,love your blog and best wishes to your boys,
Kat x

Angel Jem said...

Hope they had a good day.... thanks for posting your 8 random facts. It's really cool to find out more about people.