Wednesday, 13 June 2007

while i drink my tea

i thought id do a quick catch up so ....
these are some of the things ive been upto
ive sent these little purses and funky felt pins to Vanessa at
i started this ages ago

and now its finally finished and on its way to Cornwall..

then the other day i missed mr postie
and this is what he was tryng to bring me

all these goodies from Sarah p dot my cupcake swap partner

i just couldnt belive all the wonderful things Sarah had sent me
im such a lucky girl ....

look see theres all this as well !!!

the only problem is now the kids expect me to make "cupcakes"

as some of you may know i love Cornwall so at this time of year
i do some school summer fairs towards the hols

this is the only picture that came out from saturday
but i had a good time but just didnt sell as much as i planned
so if you need to see why i worked like a mad thing last week just look below

this is were im going for my birthday !!!


Sarah said...

I'm so glad you like it, I had such fun putting it all together. I think I forgot to tell you that the paper cupcake cups might be merely decorative. I got them at Daiso and I think they're for bento, because they had a kind of sheen on them, so they might melt wax or something on your cupcakes if they go in the oven.

Picture it in Stitches said...

Those goodies - How lucky are you ??!! And I can't believe the amount of beautiful work you're churning out !! Well done, it's all gorgeous :o) Sarah xx