Friday, 8 June 2007

summer fair ...

im doing a summer fair tommorow at taxal and fernilee school
in Whaley Bridge , Derbyshire
if anybody wants to come and say hi !!
im rushing round like mad trying to get things done ...
so this is a really short post ... sorry !!
just thought i would let you know were im going tommorow
after the lovely link from

Sarah at pictureitinstitches


Victoria May Plum said...

Good luck for tomorrow.
I've just seen the pictures of your little girl, she is absolutely gorgeous! I love her hair. I always secretly wanted to Pebble to have red curly hair like a Pre-Raphaelite girl, but alas it was not to be (unless I dye it!).
Have a great weekend

Victoria x

p.s have gotten around to adding your blog to my list.

Picture it in Stitches said...

GOOD LUCK !! Can't wait to hear how you got on. Thanks for link ;o) Sarah x