Saturday, 2 June 2007

far too many things to do ...

its a beautiful sunny day up here in the hills ...
i love Derbyshire !!! i know im moving to Cornwall in a year or so ...
thats more about my sanity and wellbeing !!! its a long story to do with a lot of heartbreak and sadness .... basically i lost my beloved dad and gran and my now ex-husband walked out and left me 23 weeks preggers with four other kiddies at home and a florists shop to run !!!
im still not ready to talk about it much ... 6yrs on from it beginning .
on a happier note i have my 5 beautiful kiddies , a wonderful man , great friends and a little business that is growing slowly ... so i say happy days x x x
so now ive got that of my chest ive got such a busy weekend and should really be busy at it now !!!
heres todays list ...arghhhhh
  1. order free vista cards
  2. sort out clothes for charity shops and re-cycling - done- ish !
  3. tidy out and paint my workroom to be
  4. get kitty to pick out a winner for my giveaway - done
  5. spend some fun time with my kids - done
  6. go shopping for holidays yay !!!
  7. make up lots of things for next weeks fair
  8. do some gardening before it turns into a jungle
  9. make up lots of my new size shoppers to sell on ebay maybe ( )

so i hope all you peeps out there have a wonderful day

especially Vanessa from who is off to a summer fair ... she has purchased some of my bags and purses etc to match in with the gorgeous things she makes this week so fingers crossed she has a good day !!!


Emma Herian said...

Hi Sara
Hope Lillybell has arrived. My goodness what a life you have lead!!!!
Busy is an understatement as well - I hope the fair goes well. I have just had a look at Just Original, what lovely items - I can see your work doing well too. Good luck!
Em x
Sew Recycled!

Picture it in Stitches said...

Hi Sara

Thanks so much for the link to me. Let me know when you've got photos of your new shopper bags - I need a nice new bag for my holiday ! Sarah x