Wednesday, 11 April 2007

here we go .......

so ive spent every spare minute(and some that should of been spent cooking , cleaning etc !) checking out all your lovely blogs . . .
so i feel my little blog will have to have some serious tarting up when i figure it all out !!!!

so if you wondered what i do . . im a lucky girl who gets to work from home , ive been doing this for a few years .

i used to own a florists and gift shop but it was sooooooo much hard work with little kiddies (i have one small , three medium and one very large !!! ).

so i figured out it would be easier to work from home ! how wrong was i !!!

as you all know if you craft its something you just cannot stop. .
so i started making cards ,bags and other things . .
from this i got requests to make other things and the more i made the more i sold . .
it was very exciting when i was asked to be the sole card supplier for a local shop .
the not so good photo above shows one of my cards !
i have to spend today making up and finishing orders to send out
so i shall post some better photos later x x

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